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Friday, 17 March 2017

Top Master’s Programs in Australia

Home to some of the topmost universities of the world, Australia is the third most well-known study abroad destination for Indian students.  The island nation has a robust international reputation of excellence and quality across its higher education and training programs. It is endorsed to study abroad in Australia as the degree achieved from its universities is highly recognized across the globe by both Australian and international employers. 

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Australia

A Master’s degree extends a full overview of a field of study of professional practice. Being one of the most trustworthy and renowned study in Australia consultants in Delhi, we would like to share some of the benefits of pursuing Master’s degree in Australia:

·        Enrichment of skills by managing projects, working in teams, speaking publicly and giving presentations from time to time

·        Attainment of mastery in a particular discipline

·        A chance to connect with other students belonging to diversified cultural backgrounds

·        Move up the career ladder to achieve a higher starting remuneration

·        Better learning opportunities through internships and introduction to real world working environment

Selecting a University

Choosing a university is one of the key and most important tasks. At mapmystudy, our study abroad admission consultants have assisted thousands of students get admission in the top Australian universities.  Some aspects you must ponder during university selection are:

·        Excellence of University

·        Location

·        Tuition Fee

·        International student support

Requirements for admission in Australian Universities

Entry into most Master’s courses in Australia normally requires a Bachelor's degree from a acknowledged university and proficiency in English language. IELTS / TOEFL / PTE or any other test score is also required by many universities for admission. Numerous programs at difference universities may also want prior knowledge in certain subjects, work experience or the successful completion of an audition, portfolio, interview or test.


Top five Master’s program to study in Australia:


1.     MBA

2.     Professional Accounting

3.     Business Analytics / Data Science / Big Data

4.     Project Management

5.      Engineering Management


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