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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Road Not Taken; Fresh and new career prospects for you and where they can take you!

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.”
This quote of Katharine Whitehorn explains a very vital phenomena of the human psychology. We love our job when our hobby becomes our profession! In that way we are more self satisfied and confident.

In this ever evolving scenario, choosing a career, which is custom made according to your talents is not that difficult. All you need to do is decide what you want and there are a lot of colleges that provide hobby based creative and innovative degrees.

These degrees are career specific and are created keeping in mind the growing demand of specialized trained employees in the industrial sector.

Some of these programs are:

1; Wildlife Conservationists:

The wildlife Conservationists work towards the conservation of the natural habitats of animals and plants. They develop ways by which humans, plants and animals can co-exist peacefully. These people are experts of the environmental conditions, wildlife issues, natural resources and animal behavior.

What do you learn post acquiring this degree?

After getting this degree you become trained to work in the field of specie conservation and manage specific ecosystems like wetlands, forests, coastlines and arid regions.

Career opportunities:
this degree provides you with the potential of working in various posts some of which are:

Biodiversity manager: Are the officials who are responsible for the strategic planning and conservation of the ecosystem around us.

Nature Conservationist: are the people responsible for preserving  and managing the local natural environment like the grasslands, coastal areas, forests and mountains around them.

Wildlife Conservation worker: These people work to make a difference in the planet everyday. They work to preserve the natural habitats of animals and plants. They study the soil and water conditions and carry out planning the conservation of natural assets and wildlife according to it.

There are a few famous universities worldwide that could provide you with a degree and good practice knowledge about Wildlife Conservation. Some of them are:

provides a bachelor of science degree in Conservation and Wildlife Biology.

offers a Masters of Science, postgraduate diploma degree in Wildlife Conservation.

also offers a masters degree in Science for tropical biology and conservation.

offers a Bachelors degree in Veterinary and Wildlife Science.

For more information on the programs and courses of the international universities please visit website : for more details on education and abroad universities.

2; Wine Science:

If you are into gardening and have a taste for luxury cuisines and fabulous wines a degree in wine making science might interest you.
Wine Science or Oenology is the study of the various aspects of wine production, wine manufacturing and quality checking.

What do you learn post acquiring this degree?
During the course one gets to learn the various skills essential for the production of wines. This professional course teaches you everything from initial ground rules of wine production to
identifying the best quality of wine from its color, smell and taste.

Career opportunities:
The course guides you to learn the skills to work in vineyard and Winery. For the ones who are looking for a career in the food and beverage industry this stream is very convenient and useful.

Vineyard Manager:
A Vineyard manager is a (Viticulture or the study of growing grapes) expert. He is the one who decides which grape variety should be grown, the correct process of irrigation and pest contol.

Researchers study the various process related to wine making like quality of grapes, variety of wines and their capability to sustain in various regions.

Wine taster or Sommelier: before the wines are bottled in the wine the factory, it has to pass through a  professional tester. Wine tasters  are people who have a professional knowledge about wines and their flavors. They also work as wine instructors for wine buyers, distributors and visitors.

Offers a bachelor of Science degree in Wine Science study .

offers both a bachelor's and master's degree in Viticulture and Oenology.

Offers a professional certificate course in the business of wine.

For more information on the programs and courses of the international universities please visit website : for more details on education and abroad universities.

3; Adventure education:
This unique degree helps its students understand the power of outdoor education. Adventure education teaches adventure programming, adventure therapy and outdoor education.
This study enhances ones leadership skills , self concept , personality development and inter personal skills.

What do you learn post acquiring this degree?

During the study of Adventure education, professional training in various adventure sports like vertical rock climbing and skills like forecasting avalanche dangers, understanding and helping in the preservation of the ecosystem, understanding and managing the logistics of various climate changes are taught.

Adventure education is a versatile field, some universities also train their students with psychological therapies that could help people fight addiction and other vices.

Its basically a course where one learns inter and intra personal skills, personal health, environment and leadership skills in an ever changing and versatile outdoor environment.

Career Opportunities:

After the completion of this course you can choose from a wide range of careers like:

Alpine mountaineering instructor: These experts help the mountaineers reach their goals, guiding them throughout their way.
The candidates learn to become physically strong and motivating in order to help other aspiring mountaineers.

Avalanche course educator:
These professionals are the Avalanche predicting and ensuring safety during experts. An Avalanche educator provides essential information about Avalanches and how to survive one to the indepantent instructors of mountaineering.

Recreation programmer:

These people organize various mountaineering and adventure sports related camps and excursions for the recreation of tourists and adventure sports lovers.

offers both a bachelors and masters degree of Arts in adventure education.

Lakehead University Canada:
Bachelors degree of outdoor recreation is available here.

Outdoors, wilderness and adventure education degree can be found at this university.

For more information on the programs and courses of the international universities please visit website : for more details on education and abroad universities.

4;  Documentary film making:

This type of film making initially emerged to maintain the documentation of the present time for future knowledge and education, but soon its vibrant nature, fast improvement in  technology and the ability of documentary movies to adept the rapidly changing times brought it out as a popular aspect of the entertainment industry. The demand of good film makers is never going to end and in such conditions a professional degree in documentary film making is going to take you a long way if you are passionate about film making.

What do you learn post acquiring this degree?

The Documentary film making graduates are the masters of the art of storytelling. Specialized training in handling various visual, technical and dramatic challenges which might occur while making a documentary is provided in such courses. Intensive study on understanding the various aspects of film making like direction, production, writing, research, cinematography, lighting, post production etc are also provided.

Constant efforts are made in this course where the concept of documentary movie making business is made clear in the minds of the budding filmmakers.

Career prospects:

Degree holders of documentary film makers can work for government or private funded NGO where they make documentaries that have a social message .

Most of the documentary film makers are self-employed and these bunch of creative minds are born to make great films with the creative tool of reality and logic.

A graduate of documentary film making can also work with various TV and YouTube channels like CNN-IBN, Nat geo, Discovery network etc.

Where to study:

offers a Master of fine arts Degree in documentary film making.

offers a Bachelors Degree in documentary film making

also provides a program in documentary and factual film making.

For more information on the programs and courses of the international universities please visit our website : for more details on education and abroad universities.
Its a well established fact that through the years ,the international business is blooming very fast. In this scenario the business industry's demand for candidates with a specialized knowledge is also growing. So, if there is a perfect time to get an abroad degree on some specialized training , the time is now.

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